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Coronavirus COVID-19 and Pregnancy Update from Hawthorne Midwives

If you’ve been listening to the news lately, you’ve certainly heard about Coronavirus COVID-19. We’d like to help you understand what is going on, and how your family can stay safe through your pregnancy and birth.    What is Coronavirus COVID-19? Coronavirus...

You are your baby’s expert (not google)

When I was a new parent I was determined to be the best, most informed parent I could be. So I grabbed a book that caught my eye about putting babies to sleep. As I read it I started to feel terrible...I was doing everything wrong. The author undermined everything I...

This parenting thing is hard

When my oldest daughter was four she had a full blown temper tantrum in the aisle of a grocery store. We are talking lying face down, hands flailing, screaming. I did what parenting books taught me to do. I walked away and pretended to be more interested in the pasta...

How to rock the Birth Partner role

Going through labour can be the most empowering but challenging process a person can experience. Rarely is labour predictable, and there is no such thing as a “text book” labour. I like to explain to clients that labour is “the most important thing that you have the least amount of control over.” But in the midst of the uncertainty, having a person by your side providing labour support can feel like a lifeline.

Happy International Day of the Midwife!

Happy International Midwives Day!

Since it is International Midwives Day I am unashamedly going to toot our own horn, and tell you what I love about midwives and what we do.

How do I decide how long to stay in the hospital after my baby is born?

Your baby is born, you fed her while your partner fed you. The family popped in, and fed you some more. Now your midwife is asking whether you’d like to go home or stay in the hospital for your first 24 hours. What should you do?

Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz, MPP Parm Gill to Open New Hawthorne Midwives Clinic

MILTON, ON – Thirty-one-year-old Rosalyn Williams, a mental health counselor, became a first-time mother when she delivered her baby under the experienced care of Hawthorne Midwives, Abigail Corbin and Lynn Hendrick.“The Hawthorne midwifery team coached, soothed,...

Essential steps in preparing for baby (that you might not have thought of)

Preparing for when the baby comes is more than just getting the nursery painted. You may have the car seat purchased, the baby shower cards written and sent, but there are some vital steps to take before the baby comes. And yet these steps can be easy to overlook.....

Helpful advice for surviving the holidays

If there is one time of year that causes both exhaustion and joy it is the December holiday season. And when there is a new baby coming, or a new baby just arrived, it can be particularly challenging. Here are some helpful tips for getting through (and enjoying) the...

Shhh! I’m planning a homebirth!

Has the thought of what your family would think prevented you from seriously considering a homebirth? Or are you planning one but not sure what your family will say? If so, you’re not alone. While the choice of birthplace is ultimately up to the parents, it can feel...
Why Midwives Love Doulas (and how we are different)

Why Midwives Love Doulas (and how we are different)

One of the most common questions we midwives get is what is the difference between a midwife and a doula and are you able to have both? Today I will weigh in one what the biggest differences are, and why we think that having a doula at your birth is a fantastic idea.

A Mind-Reading Guide for New Fathers: What your partner really wants & how to give it to her

A Mind-Reading Guide for New Fathers: What your partner really wants & how to give it to her

As a father, I’ve had many moments when my wife looked at me in shock or upset, when I didn’t anticipate something that she needed. A new baby often creates many opportunities for this kind of interaction. Exhaustion, combined with the steep learning curve can make it hard for new moms to express to us what their needs are while they adjust. Combine that with the pressure she might feel to be a ‘perfect’ mom, and she might not even feel comfortable asking for help. So what’s a partner to do?

What makes midwifery care stand out – Part 1

What makes midwifery care stand out – Part 1

Have you ever been handed a test without having anyone explain what the test was for? Or what would happen if it came back positive?   In this three part blog we are going to be talking about what makes midwifery care stand out and the first topic is informed...

Choosing the right care provider after fertility treatment

Choosing the right care provider after fertility treatment

Full disclosure, I needed help getting pregnant. All three of my pregnancies came to be as the result of excellent care from my fertility clinic. But when I got pregnant the first time, my doctor (who knew I was a midwife) tried to convince me to have an obstetrician instead. I was shocked.

Who is Hawthorne Midwives?

Who is Hawthorne Midwives?

Hawthorne Midwives started many years ago as an idea. We were seeing many women who wanted midwifery care not able to access care. I would talk to my own family doctor about this when I saw her for appointments. She was an advocate for midwifery but was growing...

Being A Midwifery Student

Being A Midwifery Student

At first you might think that the idea of having a student involved in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care is a little unnerving, especially if this is your first baby. And if I was in your position, I might agree – this is an exciting but vulnerable time in...

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Whether you are exploring having a midwife, pregnant and looking for care, or already in care with us, we want to welcome you to our webpage. Hawthorne Midwives is a midwifery clinic that serves Milton and North West Mississauga, with our clinic based in Milton.

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