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This parenting thing is hard

This parenting thing is hard

When my oldest daughter was four she had a full blown temper tantrum in the aisle of a grocery store. We are talking lying face down, hands flailing, screaming. I did what parenting books taught me to do. I walked away and pretended to be more interested in the pasta...
How to rock the Birth Partner role

How to rock the Birth Partner role

Going through labour can be the most empowering but challenging process a person can experience. Rarely is labour predictable, and there is no such thing as a “text book” labour. I like to explain to clients that labour is “the most important thing that you have the least amount of control over.” But in the midst of the uncertainty, having a person by your side providing labour support can feel like a lifeline.

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Whether you are exploring having a midwife, pregnant and looking for care, or already in care with us, we want to welcome you to our webpage. Hawthorne Midwives is a midwifery clinic that serves Milton and North West Mississauga, with our clinic based in Milton.

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Please note that there is currently a large demand for midwifery services in Milton and North West Mississauga, and as a result, we cannot accept every person who makes a request for care. Spots at our clinic fill up very quickly, so we recommend that you fill out the intake form as early as possible in your pregnancy. However, we do accept applications for care at any stage of pregnancy.

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