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Home Birth Supply List

It is a good idea to have your supplies ready about 3 weeks before you are due. You can collect the supplies in a laundry basket and leave them until needed  (covered if you have pets). It is also recommended to have a hospital bag packed and car seat installed just in case.


    To prepare your bed

    During early labour  you can prepare your bed as follows:

    1. Bottom layer: clean sheets (bottom and top)
    2. Middle layer: waterproof covering (e.g. mattress pad, shower curtain etc)
    3. Top layer: clean old or used fitted sheet (something you don’t mind using during the birth)

    After the birth the top and middle layers are removed, and your family can settle down into a clean bed

    Other supplies

    • Gravol
    • Liquid soap
    • 2 bowls
    • 2 garbage bags
    • 2 large ziplock bags
    • Plastic picnic table cloths with flannel backing to cover any carpeted floors
    • Space heater if the room is cold
    • Hydrogen peroxide (President’s Choice “Green Bleach”  is peroxide)
    • New bottle of olive oil (for the delivery and for protecting baby’s bottom from the meconium)
    • Juice/sports drinks and bendable straws, popsicles (for keeping mom’s energy up during labour)
    • Hand sanitizer


    • Pillows (covered with plastic garbage bags under the pillow cases)
    • 6-8 towels
    • 4 receiving blankets (used after baby is cleaned so will be able to be reused)
    • 6 washcloths

    For after baby is born

    • Acetaminophen (e.g Tylenol)  and Ibuprofen (e.g. Advil) or Naproxen (e.g. Aleve)
    • 4-6 Frozen pads (pour overnight pad under water, bend into curve shape and freeze)
    • Overnight pads or Depends
    • Heating pad (for postpartum pain)
    • Epsom salt, sea salt or herbal bath kit (prepared and made ahead of time)
    • Coconut oil (for sore nipples and baby bums)

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